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Air Force Combat RingAir Force Combat RingThe Air force combat Ring is actually a military signet ring with a wreath and the abbrevition for the Air Force on top. This ring is a celestrium ring which has a lifetime warranty.

It will never fade and doesn't ever need to be cleaned although some of our customers will wipe it off from time to time with a jeweller's cloth.

The best quality for all of our combat rings is  that you don't have to think hard about what you would like to place on them. Just place your order and you are sure to get it right. It will work for any Air Force Veteran regardless of where he or she served or the job which they performed 
Antiqued Air Force RingAntiqued Air Force RingYou can order this military ring to show the job that you performed while you were in the Air Force, along with other things such as your rank. This Custom Air Force Ring comes with a lifetime warranty. 
Celestrium Air Force Ring with CZ SapphireCelestrium Air Force Ring with CZ SapphireWe use the highest quality stones available for this USAF Military Ring. Those who wear and see the ring will not think to question its authenticity. This fine quality celestrium used to create this military ring looks identical to a 14kt White Gold Military Ring.
Celestrium American Eagle RingCelestrium American Eagle RingWe issue our lifetime warranty certificate with each American Eagle Ring that we offer you. This certificate applies to any problem resulting from wear, including a loose or lost stone.
Celestrium Veteran's RingCelestrium Veteran's RingThis ring provides you with an alternative to having to create your own design. It is cost effective and comes with the same lifetime warranty as all of our custom made military rings.
Executive Air Force RingExecutive Air Force RingThis ring is a basic conservative ring for the basic conservative service man or woman. It can be ordered to show your rank, or job description. 
Fashion Air Force RingFashion Air Force RingThis USAF Military Ring certainly adds variety to our military ring selections. Wear it when you want to make a fashion statement but you also show your military affiliation. 
Freedom Ring Air ForceFreedom Ring Air ForceThe Air Force Freedom Ring is a fully customizable Military Ring. When you order an Air Force Freedom Ring Online you design the entire ring from the ground up. You have full control over every design which goes on the ring.
Goldtone Celestrium Air Force Ring with Sapphire CZGoldtone Celestrium Air Force Ring with Sapphire CZThe high quality Air Force Ring is highly polished, soft and ultra smooth. All of these features combined lead to a long lasting piece rich with the appeal and value that all of the military rings that we produce contain..
Goldtone Celestrium Veteran's RingGoldtone Celestrium Veteran's RingOur proprietary gold bonding process deposits pure gold that is light and lovely, in the production of this gold veteran's ring. We proudly stand behind this product.
Independance Ring Air ForceIndependance Ring Air ForceThe Air Force Independence Ring is a bold design which is very popular among our younger customers. This is one of our fully customizable Military Air force Rings which you have the priviledge of building yourself.
Ladies Freedom Ring Air ForceLadies Freedom Ring Air ForceThe Ladies Freedom Military Ring is a fully customizable Air Force Ring for Ladies. It is smaller than the men's ring and more dainty. This ring and every other ring that we offer comes with a lifetime warranty and is available in several different metal types.
Oval Air Force RingOval Air Force RingThis is a classic, refined, traditional Air Force ring which is available for both men and women. There are many different variations also available for the Oval Air Force Ring
Seal Air Force RingSeal Air Force RingThe signet ring has always been associated with power and authority. Kings use a signet to embed their image onto a document which signified that it carried their full approval and authority. 
Stadium Air Force RingStadium Air Force RingYou can Order the Stadium Air Force Ring if you are a customer who desires a look that is slightly untraditional. This ring comes with a lifetime warranty as do all of our other custom military rings. 
Design your Air Force Ring

Design your Air Force Ring

Air Force Rings

Our Air Force Jewelry is high quality and built to last. These Air Force Service Rings are the perfect way to remember and honor your time in the Air Force. Check out our selection today. Some of the options that we can help you with are Pilot's Rings, Pararescue Rings, Vietnam Rings, Operation Desert Storm Rings, Operation Iraqi Freedom Rings, Operation Enduring Freedom Rings, and many, many more!!  List all of your accomplishments, decide which ones that you want to show, use them to order your ring!! Its just that simple.