The US Army Infantry School is located in Fort Benning Georgia. It is the place where all basic and advanced Infantry training takes place. The infantry school is responsible for basic and advanced infantry training courses for officers and enlisted personnel, training on infantry weapons systems and equipment, and special courses like the Airborne course, Ranger school, the pathfinder course, and jumpmaster school.

Many troops from the US and foriegn nations recieve their military training there along with troops from other services.

The infantry is known as the queen of battle and is the focus of hollywood movies. It takes infantry troops to win any military engagement. You can drop bombs, fire cruise missiles, use tanks and artillery ad nausem, but in the end you need infantry troops to go in on the ground and clear out the enemy troops.

Infantry fighting is up close and personal, dirty and brutal but it has to be done. The infantry is the most respected and revered branch of the US Army because of the job that they have to do.

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