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My new ring was everything that I expected it to be and more!!! Everything was just perfect. G. Gutierrez, California

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Create a Military Ring, Custom Military Ring, or Military Commemorative Ring
Let us help you!

Let us help you!

Design the perfect Military Ring, Custom Military Ring, or Military Commemorative Ring using the special design work we have created.

Your Custom Military Ring should tell the story of your time in service. It is The object that can connect with those who you come into contact with to tell them exactly who you are and what you are about.

No two military rings will ever be alike because each person has different experiences even if they have served in the same units.

Call us if you need help with your custom military ring. We can talk you through the process and explain it to you if you need assistance. Many of our customers have no military experience but are purchasing the ring as a gift.

Our number is 912-977-5059.

Your Military Service Ring can be worn every day or used for a keepsake. The different categories that you can purchase from are Army RingsNavy RingAir Force RingMarine Corps Ring, or Coast Guard RingIncluded in every category is every possible service school, and occupational specialty.

You can design a military ring whether you are a veteran, active duty, or retired. We have created insignia's to represent Operation Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom, Desert Storm, military retirement, specialty schools, military units, equipment, and many others that we don't list.  

We have used these designs to create Iraqi Freedom RingsEnduring Freedom Rings, and Custom Military Rings for every other purpose. Your new military ring is important to you and to us. Each ring comes with a lifetime warranty because we are sure of the quality of our work.

Design the military ringcustom military ring, or military commemorative ring which sets you apart. Those who have served in our armed forces and risked their lives for the common defense should own a ring that sets them apart as a special breed of people. Call us at 912-977-5059, or email me personally at

Recent Product Additions

Recent Product Additions

We have added many new products to our web site to strengthen our selection and give you better choices. Some of our new products include, Class Rings for All Grades, Sports Championship Rings for all Sports,  Law Enforcement Rings for FBI, DEA, and Border Patrol Agencies, and many more additional Military Rings for all Branches of Service

You can also have your Family Crest made as a Custom Ring.

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